Event planners please note:

Consult the Events Database. In addition to the online Calendar of Events, JUF maintains an offline Events Database as an essential scheduling tool for event planners. When scheduling a significant Jewish community-wide event we request that you consult with the Events Database first in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with JUF and other organizations. To see what events already are scheduled for a date you are considering and/or to place your organization's event on the Events Database, please email EventsDatabase@juf.org.

Understand our Event Listing Guidelines. JUF exercises discretion in determining what events to list, and evaluates event submissions in reference to JUF Resource Development Policy Guidelines (PDF). For organizations receiving funding from JUF, listings for fundraising events may not appear during the JUF campaign period between April 1st and the 3rd Wednesday in June, unless the listings refer to events that take place outside of that time period. JUF reserves the right to reject listings for events that are deemed misleading, inflammatory, or otherwise detrimental to Federation goals and purposes.

Please note that the events added to the online calendar will appear in the What's Happening section of Jewish Chicago. Because of this, we ask that you not add multiple dates for the same event, so that our readers will not be expecting to attend the event posted. Please only add confirmed events.

If you have any questions please contact us at calendar1@juf.org.

  Check this box if your event is specifically intended for families with young children.
  Check this box if this event is to be listed on the JUF/Encompass website to facilitate the inclusion of young adults with disabilities. Please include language on your registration form that explains the .
  I accept JUF's Event Listing Guidelines and have consulted with the Events Database as noted above.